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Oak Park OWL is proud to offer workshops for parents and other caregivers.  Below are workshops running this winter!



*fee can be waived upon request

Relationships: Guiding With Wisdom - Relationships bring potential for love, loss, increasing levels of sexual contact, and emotional or physical abuse. This session will help parents and caregivers prepare for a support role as their children mature and venture into romantic and sexual relationships. (Tuesday, January 31st from 6:30-8pm, online, $10). Register HERE.

Gender Identity: Exploring Emotions around Gender - Parents and caregivers help shape a child's healthy understanding of both their own gender and gender diversity in the world. This session asks participants to explore their ideas and feelings about gender, and the values about gender they are teaching their children, explicitly or implicitly. (Wednesday, February 8th, from 6:30-8pm, online, $10). Register HERE.

Consent: Building Healthy Boundaries - Adults want to protect children, and decision-making in sexual relationships can have great consequences–both physical and emotional. This session guides participants to nurture an atmosphere of trust and communication at home to support a child’s developing decision-making capacity. (Wednesday, February 15th from 6:30-8pm, online, $10). Register HERE.

Bodies and Babies: Talking to Your Kids - Many parents and caregivers avoid talking about sex and sexuality for fear of doing it wrong. Even imperfect conversations can build an adult's comfort and skill, a child's trust, and positive, healthy communication around sexuality-related matters. In this session, participants are asked to recall sexuality-related communication with adults from when they were young. (Wednesday, February 21st from 6:30-8pm, online, $10).  Register HERE.

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