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Policies & Principles of OP-OWL

OP-OWL Handbook

The OP-OWL Family Handbook contains some basic information on OWL values, rights, assumptions and responsibilities, as well as information on program policies for safety, attendance, payment, registration and enrollment, withdrawal, and students with special needs.

Why Oak Park Our Whole Lives

A brief 2-page document highlighting the need for comprehensive sexuality education in the Oak Park area, with a brief summary of public health data and research on the outcomes of comprehensive sexuality education.

The Circles of Sexuality and Rights & Responsibilities

A 2-page handout introducing the Circles of Sexuality and outlining the rights and responsibilities of the program and participating students and families.

OWL Values & Program Assumptions

A 2-page handout outlining the values and assumptions on which the OWL curriculum is based.

No podemos ofrecer clases en español, pero hay este folleto traducido al Español que se puede usar con padres y familias quienes tienen interés en la clase para sus niños Inglés-hablantes.

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