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Sexual imagery is everywhere. Children are likely to encounter pornography before they become teenagers. While parents and caregivers may accept that sexual curiosity is normal and healthy, they also know that pornography is grossly misleading. This session, participants consider their own attitudes toward porn and ponder the effects of it on a young person's expectations. 


Eventually parents and caregivers' concerns will expand to include harm that can result from a child’s own sexual decisions. With sexual decisions, the stakes can feel quite high. The session guides participants to nurture an atmosphere of trust and communication at home to support a child’s developing decision-making capacity.

Sexual Orientation

This session opens a nonjudgmental space for adults to be honest with themselves about feelings, questions and concerns. Participants explore their assumptions about and knowledge of sexual orientation and prepare themselves to accompany their child's process of self-discovery.

Teens, Tweens, and Puberty

Puberty is an incredible and unique time in a young person's life. This session will ask parents and caregivers to remember their own experiences with puberty and discuss the importance of sharing accurate and current information with the youth in your life. While acknowledging that their children face different circumstances and pressure than did earlier generations. 

Facilitator Trainings

Oak Park OWL will host two trainings for facilitators this September, 2021.  These trainings are intended for educators, sex education professionals and all those who plan to become facilitators for Our Whole Lives classes.

For details about time and location of the training, and to register, please select the training of interest to you.  

Trainers: Sue Ellen Braunlin, Carolyn Meagher

Cost: $350.  Breakfast and lunch is included; dinner is included the first night of the training.  We are unable to provide accommodations.

Class location: Oak Park Friends School, 1192 S. Cuyler Ave.

Mailing address: 534 N. Marion St. , Oak Park, IL 60302

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