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When your child asks "Where do babies come from?"

Knowing how to best answer your children’s questions about sex, anatomy, and reproduction can be overwhelming. This workshop will help guide you in how to proactively educate your children on these topics, so that they can first learn about them from the best source — you! You will be able to:
– Respond to your children’s questions about sex calmly and confidently.
– Proactively address issues of reproduction and anatomy.
– Learn how to use anatomically correct language as they grow up.This workshop is offered FREE through the Collaboration for Early Childhood. There will be plenty of time for Q&A.

Facilitator Trainings

Oak Park OWL will host two trainings for facilitators this September, 2021.  These trainings are intended for educators, sex education professionals and all those who plan to become facilitators for Our Whole Lives classes.

For details about time and location of the training, and to register, please select the training of interest to you.  

Trainers: Sue Ellen Braunlin, Carolyn Meagher

Cost: $350.  Breakfast and lunch is included; dinner is included the first night of the training.  We are unable to provide accommodations.